Tuesday, November 6, 2012

[Video] They Ain't Letting Up: Rick Ross In Deep Trouble With The Alabama Gangster Disciples.

The Gangster Disciples aren’t too happy with Rick Ross right now. First, he name dropped their imprisoned leader, Larry Hoover, on “BMF,” and then he put his face on the 6 point star for his Bar Mitzvah mixtape. “You not Jew, you not GD, so I guess the Illuminati got ya’. It’s like this, we pulling up on you. We pressing up on you, the whole Maybach,” they say. 

To settle the score, the GD’s want Rick Ross to pay them off. “We ain’t going to release this pressure on you until you release this check, Maybach, Meek Mill, everybody G. Nothing personal, but tell your boss man he got to get that check ’cause y’all in trouble.”

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